Integrated Education Support Program

Integrated Education Support Program is a five (5) year community education support project for children from economically disadvantaged families .

This Program targets economically disadvantaged children by providing them with free access to educational materials and resources. It is important to note that lack of educational materials is a leading cause of school failure, drop out and lack of appetite for education in children. Lack of educational materials and resources prevents many children from economically disadvantaged families from continuing with their education pursuits to advanced level.

The project’s main objective is to help our children achieve their educational dreams and to bring back hope to economically disadvantaged families in our communities.

Family Support and Education

Family oriented approach

Today many families are faced with difficult life challenges and needs support to enable them overcome certain life challenges. Goodness People Incorporated partners with local families as we work together to provide sustainable assistance programs that helps families affected by systematic inequalities in our communities. We provide both material assistance and resources to help the affected families. Our primary target in this program are the economically disadvantaged and vulnerable families in the minority communities. We believe that little acts of goodness can bring lots of smile and improve lives.


Say No To Violence Against Women and Children. 

Online campaign

Our organization is at the forefront in ensuring that our voices are heard in the community though our online campaign against any violence against women and children. we believe that there is no excuse for violence against women and children and we stand out to advocate for women and children

You too can say NO!







Bridging The Gap

Low cost Computer/Tablet and internet access

Goodness People Incorporated with partnership with Mobile Beacon & PCs for People Brings the Bridging the Gap to your community.

Bridging the Gap helps break down barriers to access and bring equal educational opportunity to all Americans. It’s about creating opportunity through connectivity. In partnership with nonprofits, schools, libraries and other community organizations, we’re helping connect underserved Americans to the tools they need to improve their lives.


Together, we help:

Students get internet access at home so they can complete homework assignments, conduct research online, and access school resources remotely.
Adults continue their education, search for jobs, and access other resources through library hotspot internet-lending programs.
Seniors and disabled persons access their social security information, stay connected remotely with their medical providers, and virtually participate in a society they would otherwise have limited access to.

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