Serving with Goodness!

Goodness People Incorporated is a registered 501c (3) nonprofit organization located in New York, United States. We are a member of Non-Profit New York (Member National council of Non-Profit). The organization was founded with the objectives of bringing the community together in giving hope and happiness to all community members through acts of goodness. Goodness People works towards supporting needy children and advocating for the minority and vulnerable groups in the community.

Community Education Support Project.

Integrated Education Support Program

Our organization, has created a five (5) year project community education support program to support the education of children from economically disadvantaged and vulnerable families. The project comprises various vital programs that are needed to improve the quality of education of these children and the drivers to achieving positive educational development in our communities.The programs comprises of the integrated educational support projects, advocacy and family support. 

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Why our activities

Problems facing our communities

Our organization programs are created to offer support to existing community infractures and lead in providing the much needed services in the community.

We also believe that the work is enormous,thus our organization have created community network of partners,involving community leaders and organizations with similar objectives to deliver critical services in the community.

In Goodness Together